AMATEUR HARDCORE: Hiroki’s Silvia and Kazuya’s Skyline

January 30, 2009 12:30 am Published by

These two friends from Shimane Prefecture own cars that look good and are drifted constantly.

Pay attention. This is the right way to do things.

Kazuya Koyama’s R32 is actually pretty close to stock mechanically, apart from a TD-06 turbo and the usual drifting accessories. The look of the car is pure old-school battle-style though, with a completely stripped interior, stereo blanking panel, rollcage, bolt-on rear GT-R fenders, boot lip spoiler, “fish gill” style bonnet vents and wide Neovas on black Regamasters.

Hiroki Koyama’s S14 has a more contemporary style, rolling Advan Racing RS wheels and rocking an HKS 3037 turbo and V-Pro ECU. He still runs a normal gearbox with a Nismo two-way, and has kept the car comfortable with a full interior and normal recliner for the passenger, but bolted in a Bride fixed bucket to keep him in place though the corners.

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