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Here’s something that has probably puzzled car fans for years. Why do Japanese people make that vee motion on videos and in photos? Here’s why: A couple of decades ago, a Romanian gymnast by the name of Nadia Comaneci was the first person to ever score a perfect 10.0 in an Olympic gymnastic event, and did so several times more. She was quite popular in Japan, so comedian and director Takeshi Kitano, also known as “Beat Takeshi” made up a long-running joke about her on his tv comedy routines. It’s meant to be the shape of a gymnast’s leotard, and he would yell “Comaneci! Comaneci!” while making that motion.

While we’re on the subject, Manabu Fujinaka’s NKB promo girls were actually kind of crazy too. Unlike a lot of the other promo girls there who came from Tokyo and the like, they were from down west in Kansai, and a bit friendlier than the rest.

Another Kansai lad, Night Zone’s Akinori “Ucchi” Utsumi.

Tomohiro Murayama. Smile a bit there, come on!

Masayoshi “Bajin” Tokita.

RE Amemiya’s ORC promo girls.

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