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NOT QUITE OLD SCHOOL JUST YET: Drift Matsuri 2006, Part I

By in 04-05-2011 3:35 am

Since most of my interesting photos from last weekend’s Drift Matsuri are already spoken for, by which I mean the ones without arses in them, here’s some pics from the 2006 Spring Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit, the first one I ever attended.

This is my Australian friend Josh getting his AE86 ready behind some wheels I posed for this shot, since I was hoping the article would run in a magazine, which it did.




By in 19-04-2011 5:24 pm

Here’s the bilingual flyer for the Meihan Sports Land event that Shane is organising in a few weeks. I detailed it in a post a while back. Look at that list of sponsors along the top. Not bad eh? It should be fun.



KING OF VEE: Mitsumori-san at the 2010 V1GP

By in 20-12-2010 9:21 pm

2010 V1GPの優勝三森さん、おめでとうございます!かっこいい!素敵!ナイス!

Congratulations to Spirant’s Mitsumori-san for winning the 2010 V1GP!

The V1GP is a Toyota-only event, run by Ito Auto’s Manki Ito. The “V” stands for “Tourer V”, but that’s not going to stop anyone in a car that was originally lower-spec from competing as long as their skills are up to it. I’ll have more pics from this event up a bit later. Even though he’s been doing pretty well behind the wheel recently, Mitsumori-san has put the Chaser up for sale as he already has plans for a new JZA80 Supra drifter. I guess he likes a challenge!

Since the internet can do videos as well as photos, here’s Mitsumori-san’s full-course run in the finals. I bought a little HD video camera back when I climbed Mt Fuji and I’ve been using it here and there since then. Sorry for the hand-held shakiness and blurriness! Noriyaro has been a photography site up until now, but a little bit of extra audiovisual content can’t hurt now, can it? After this particular event, I sat down and worked out a better way to shoot video smoothly and as take photos at the same time. Wait and see.

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