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KEI LOVE: Big fibreglass hearts

By in 21-06-2011 1:22 am

As a counter to yesterday’s post, have a look at this lovely little Wagon R. Even the spokes in the wheels are hearts. I <3 kei.

I’d like to point out that it’s a guy driving this car. Perhaps his wife took the Celsior that day?


HARDENED STEEL: Suzuki Wagon R on SSR Mark I

By in 20-06-2011 6:48 pm

Pretty tough for such a little car.

If you’re in the mood for something a bit more Toyota V8 though, and haven’t already seen it on the Noriyaro Facebook newsfeed, check this video that Motorfix posted of their new 1UZ-powered KE70!

However, if you’re one of those types who thinks that a little FR Toyota like that making a noise that sounds like anything other than a 4A is sacrelige, try Youtube user URC86’s channel, especially this video which contains a little over ten minutes of flat-out nose-to-tail drifting.


NEAT: Wagon R on Work VS-KF

By in 07-05-2009 5:00 pm

When they were first introduced, the Suzuki Wagon R became explosively popular in Japan, and has remained the best selling car in its class.

When they look at cool as this with a simple set of lowering springs and Work VS-KF wheels, you can see why.

The fact that it’s turbo doesn’t hurt either!


SUZUKI ALTO: Kei car love

By in 21-01-2009 12:30 am

Noriyaro is all about driving in Japan, so enough of the Sprinters and Nissans and big Toyotas for now. Have a quick look at the smaller side of going fast, namely the Suzuki Alto turbo.

This red one is owned by a girl down in Okayama Prefecture who doesn’t just cruise around narrow backstreets, but actually thrashes it on the track on a set of little 185/50 13-inch Advan Neovas. The three-piston exhaust note has a very distinct sound, especially when revving to 9000rpm and combined with a miniature blow-off valve.