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By in 07-05-2010 8:18 pm

It’s Drift Matsuri time again! Once again, unfortunately for you guys, I spent more time messing around behind the wheel than I did holding a camera.

I guess that makes these pictures all the more special.

This time around, the G1 Grand Prix event was held on the Friday rather than the end of the event on Sunday, so I left for Fukushima on Thursday afternoon. First though, it was into the local Super Autobacs for some foaming window cleaner and a spare exhaust gasket.



LIVE FROM MATSURI: Noriyaro on Ebisu’s webcam

By in 01-05-2010 2:01 am

See this picture? That’s a still taken from the live camera view of East Course at Ebisu Circuit back when Koyama-san was doing some shakedown work on the Team Orange time attack Lanevo.

Why am I posting this, you ask?

Drift Matsuri starts today at Ebisu Circuit, which means 34 hours of drifting! While this isn’t exactly the best place to see the action from, it’s still worth a look.

To watch from this camera, you can either copy this address into your browser: http://www.stickam.jp/profile/ebisu24_east

Or you could just click here!

To start the live video feed, click on the button in the middle of the screen that says “ライブを見る”.

Here’s the fun part. To make this a bit more interactive, I’ll make sure to appear on there at exactly midday at Japanese time on Saturday, which is 8:00PM PST on Friday night for the guys who live on the West Coast of America.


2009 AUTUMN DRIFT MATSURI: Getting there and having fun

By in 16-11-2009 11:36 pm

Last summer’s Drift Matsuri (click here for Saturday and here for Sunday’s pics) was a relatively quiet event compared to years past, so I was hoping that this year’s Autumn Matsuri would be a bit more fun.

Sure enough, it was.

What’s not fun about the event though, is the early morning start. Although, it is nice to drive through parts of Tokyo in one minute when it would normally take twenty in peak hour.




By in 12-08-2009 12:21 am

Good morning!

When people asked me where I was staying for the night, I told them “The Skyline Hotel”. Without fail, they’d stare at me for a couple of seconds and then break out in laughter.

The passenger’s seat in the R32 is still standard, so it was comfortable enough for at least a few hours sleep.



THE MIDDLE BIT: 2007 Ebisu Road Trip “The Drift” Part 1.5

By in 08-07-2009 11:28 am

A few days ago, I posted up these videos, shot and edited by Jos Roder, of what happened before and after our trip to Ebisu Circuit for the 2007 Autumn Drift Matsuri.

Here’s what happened in between, which some people might consider to be the most important part of the series! Jos has also been nice enough to answer some of the many questions you may have about Drift Matsuri in his video.

Ebisu Road Trip 'The Drift' Part 1.5 from Jos on Vimeo.