LIVE FROM MATSURI: Noriyaro on Ebisu’s webcam

May 1, 2010 2:01 am Published by

See this picture? That’s a still taken from the live camera view of East Course at Ebisu Circuit back when Koyama-san was doing some shakedown work on the Team Orange time attack Lanevo.

Why am I posting this, you ask?

Drift Matsuri starts today at Ebisu Circuit, which means 34 hours of drifting! While this isn’t exactly the best place to see the action from, it’s still worth a look.

To watch from this camera, you can either copy this address into your browser:

Or you could just click here!

To start the live video feed, click on the button in the middle of the screen that says “ライブを見る”.

Here’s the fun part. To make this a bit more interactive, I’ll make sure to appear on there at exactly midday at Japanese time on Saturday, which is 8:00PM PST on Friday night for the guys who live on the West Coast of America.

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  • VooDooDNA says:

    sounds interesting!

  • Guardian-X- says:

    Lol that’s nice :p

    It will probably be very late at night here ( belgium ) but i will try and have a look at 12 o’clock japanese time 🙂

    I’ve been looking at this for a few weeks now checking it every now and then but only saw a car once and it wasn’t even a racing/drift car :p but now it’s packed with driftcar’s at last ! ^^

    Have fun down there !

  • Joey says:

    You sir are officially uncool… I wanna be there for Matsuri, but I wont be on a flight til sometime next week..

    I wanna missile something at Matsuri…

  • doug says:

    dude i think i was watching just as you pulled into the pits behind that blue s14! lol. you were on your phone looking into the camera then went to your car and pulled out a bottle or a trophy or something and waved it at the camera?? lol

  • Max says:

    Not Sure but I think I can see your car right now..?

  • Isidro says:

    Spotted! I watched it for about an hour, ready to pounce on the “PrtSc” button on my laptop.
    Definitely not the best source of action, as you said, but the next best thing to being there at the moment.
    I took these 4 screenshots:
    1- a few seconds after you took a picture of your car (I want to see it!)
    2- some car (s14?) doing some smokey manji down the straight
    3- you posing for a cameraman who wasn’t there (JK)
    4- time to go

  • BlueSlug says:

    damn, checked my blog-roll two and a half hours late 🙁 wicked that there’s a feed though! definitely watching this

  • DAN - XIII says:

    i can see u, its a shame that the camera isnt in a better spot

  • BlueSlug says:

    lol damn i wish i could take back comments on here… left the feed on for a while and just listened to the sounds, checked back in, lo and behold a white JZX100 with wing mounts and no wing is parked right in front of the camera 8)
    (around 2am Saturday morning here in Ontario, so like… 3pm Sat. afternoon .jp time?)

    it’s excellent that there’s an audio feed, finally i can get a soundtrack to go along with all of the images i’ve been seeing from japan’s grassroots drift scene for the past two years! i’ll probably sleep to this lol

    seems like an excellent time though, enjoy it and good luck again for G1GP! 😀

  • James180sx says:

    thats mad! was that you layin rubber right infront of the camera?
    man i wish it was on a corner not the straight 🙁

  • orion says:

    Is THat your MArk II at 7:12AM local time?
    thumbs up from paris!

  • Peter of A. says:

    Spotted a drift car drifting !
    well, actually, it’s an RC car…
    And I’ve spied people sleeping in the black car too.
    Too bad the camera is not in a better place 🙁
    Anyway, thank’s for the link 😀

  • Ben Comana says:

    From i could see this is your car:

    I was expecting you to dance or something in front of the camera..

  • fejjan says:

    Cool idea with the live CAM, wish it was in a more interesting place, so you can see some action, any chance of that happening?

  • orion says:

    i think i recognise that destroyed bumper…

  • this is so cool man. some dude just waved at the camera, scared the shit out of me haha

  • Cody Fowler says:

    Man this would be much more dope if there was more than just one angle and one camera i actually wanna see some drfitin action from the holyland

  • GenJi says:

    34 hours of drifting . . damn how i’d wish i were there
    . . .
    maan that was at 5am in Slovakia 😀 ! . .

  • Levon says:

    oh darn i missed all the action 🙁

    Did anyone catch it?

    Looks like some dudes riding bikes now

  • KAIZER 433 says:

    こんにちは NoriYaro、どのように日本での生活は何ですか?

  • Alexi says:

    Yeah, that was me. I was on the phone with someone from Australia, and they wanted to see the G1GP trophy.

    I did a little burnout before going out first thing in the morning, yeah.

    @Ben Comana
    I did at one point.

    @KAIZER 433