ROCKSTAR DRIFT: Demo runs at Odaiba MSC

December 16, 2008 12:30 am Published by

When your name’s up in lights and you’re doing a static burnout just before launching out onto a drift track to do the smokiest, loudest, closest drift demo runs you can for a big crowd, you pretty much know you have it made.

The demo drivers were also the contest judges, NOB Taniguchi…

…”Max” Orido and Ryuji Miki.

The great thing is that all this is happening a fifteen minute train ride from the middle of Tokyo, instead of a track out in the countryside somewhere.

Of course, even the best drivers can get carried away during a demo, and a small collision between NOB and Orido gave the Aristo a little bit of battle damage.

Darth Vader and troopers of the Tokyo 501st were there watching too, as you’d expect.

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