N-STYLE AT NIKKO: Nakamura’s Carina and Nagahama’s Supra

December 3, 2014 4:50 pm Published by

N-Style Custom’s Hideki Nagahama’s JZA80 Supra and Makoto Nakamura’s A60 Carina.

Yokohama DNA S-Drive front, Bridgestone Playz rear, 185/44 14 all around on SSR MkI.

N-Style Type 1 overfenders.


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  • Banpei says:

    The Carina is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    I love the detail where they made a cutout in the rear overfender to be still able to open the rear door. 🙂

  • FrancK says:

    Since your last post at N-style I’ve been tryin’ hard to figure out what part did Nagahama use for the supra’s front lip … I kinda like the way it feels on a slammed stock body supra

    Anyway thumbs up from montreal canada bitchz

  • Paul Caoili says:

    There should have been more pics on that JZA80! Other than that, both cars are hella clean.