TWO OF THE BEST: Skylines at Tatsumi Parking

July 28, 2014 11:20 pm Published by


Drift Tengoku editor Ryusuke Kawasaki’s R32 GT-R and Junya Nakata’s ER34 GT-t at Tatsumi Parking Area in Tokyo.

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  • matty says:

    both awesome cars.

    though im sure i have seen that ER34 somewhere else as well…

  • Boost says:

    Both cars are looking insane.
    Awesome picture!

  • Hello =] I love seeing these articles! makes me wish i could get over seas to see them first hand!

    im hoping you can help me aquire the red color code for Ryusuke Kawasaki’s BNR32 as ive scoured the interwebs to find several articles on this build however not a single writer went into detail on the color code used on this amazing R32.
    im respraying my Z32 Fairlady Zed and want desperatley to have it the same exact red as this beauty =]

    please help me aquire this code in honor of Ryusuke Kawasaki’s beautiful BNR32 ?!?!?!

    this color belongs on a nissan sports car!!

    (website still in development)