LOCAL BATTLE: Agent K day at Ebisu Minami

June 28, 2012 7:28 pm Published by


I was at an Agent K track day at Ebisu Circuit a little while ago. Here’s some pics from that day.

The pink Skyline is Kani Hashiri Ikka leader Tokusa in his SR20-powered R32.

Tokusa always drives R32s. You can see one of his other cars in this post.

The half-naked guy in the background is Namatame from NTS, a race fabrication company in Fukushima that makes some outrageously beautiful CNC-ed stuff.

This car is being driven by the girlfriend of a guy called Asanuma, one of the Team Orange mechanics.

Apparently, a certain Australian tried to pick her up in Nihonmatsu.

Quick Line Sasaki’s practice S15.

I always forget this guy’s name, but he’s always out there on Minami.

Shoutrouge Tatsuo and the aforementioned Team Orange mechanic, Asanuma.

It looked just like D1, minus the crowd.

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