SHAKOTAN BY SNOW: It looks like a jam sandwich

February 29, 2012 5:55 pm Published by

Probably not going anywhere today.

Click for a larger image.

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  • Sean says:

    How the hell do you even get in/out of it when it’s parked in there?

  • Anthony says:

    You should see a normal winter day in Québec…

  • Boomaker says:

    in Russia this situation is typical!)

  • N99GT says:

    what does ‘shakotan’ mean??

  • michael says:

    jam sandwich 100 MARK-II hahahahaha

  • @ Sean, hes not hes going to shovel it out and or wait till it melts >.>;

  • Kyle Chong says:

    Probably exit through passenger side else cramp it through the driver’s door ? haha <3

  • Dave says:

    guaranteed to be an easy on the tires skid day 🙂

  • BlueSlug says:

    while normally I’d say “well that’s just a regular winter’s day here in Toronto”, you’ve got more snow on your car than we’ve had all winter 🙁

    (and Anthony’s right, Quebec winters are insane)

    is this an atypical amount of snow for .jp?

  • I says:

    @N99GT: シャコタン; Lowered car.

    @Alexi: what prefecture are you in; Tokyo has just been raining and cold, they still managed to send something to me in mainland US in 5 days! Just keep the kettle going and stay under the kotatsu!

    Also, as a side note, do you know if the Save Japan campaign (or any other motorsports community) are doing anything for the 11th? I see that their website is still running but no mention of any updates.

  • Brendon says:

    Just reading the comments coming from Canada… in Saskatchewan it has been the mildest winter in ages! It has been dry enough to drive all year, just gotta watch for those bastard potholes!

  • stu says:

    Lowered until it nearly hits the ground.

    Tokyo’s winters are mild compared to northern Japan. I used to live in Hokkaido and by mid winter the snow is at least 2 m deep and an average night temp of -15 / -10 deg C. I don’t mind snow but not too much.

  • Kite says:

    damn, this seems to happen everytime i see a sexy car…