TEAM CRAZY JAPS: Getting crazy at Okegawa

October 13, 2011 5:09 pm Published by

I swear I’m not making the name up. I introduce to you, Team Crazy Japs!

Crazy Japs are a bunch of young guys I see around every now and again, mostly at Okegawa Sports Land.

This JZX90 has an interesting custom wheel treatment.

Black on the outside, fluoro on the inside. It’s subtle, but looks really good in motion.

While the drivers are out on the track, all their friends will stand along the wall, wave plastic baseball bats and “encourage” them.

If they get close enough, the rear quarters get a little tap with the bat.

Here’s the Crazy Japs “fxxk’n drifting movie” which starts off with a bit of street, followed by action at Okegawa.

Pay attention at the 3:20 mark.

Here’s the aftermath.

No problem, we’re Crazy Japs.

When I asked how he was going to get the car home, he said “I’ll just drive it. I don’t live too far away.”

Crazy Japs.


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