WEEKEND EDITION: The other side of the law

August 27, 2011 1:22 am Published by

Remember back in this post that seemed to show that white JZXs are over-represented in police chases in Japan? Well here’s another one from the TV show “Police 24 Hours”, which is sort of like “Cops”.

In this one, a stolen JZX90 Cresta, white of course, leads the police on a chase into the mountains.

This gets pretty action-packed towards the end! Kyoto police attempt a to arrest a violent wanted man found sleeping behind the wheel of an R32 GT-R.

This is about an undercover Cedric patrolling the long, straight bit of the Wangan line down towards Kawasaki and Yokohama. Of course, you might notice that they don’t actually show them pulling over any highly-modified cars.

If you’re going to film yourself speeding on the expressways in your JZA70 Supra and post it on Youtube, don’t title it “stress relief”, don’t say out loud how fast you’re going, and don’t show your licence plate on the video!

Here’s a bit of an old one about the police setting up a “nezumitori” or “mousetrap” to catch drag racers in Yokohama.

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