WEEKEND EDITION: Kev’s Hakosuka preview!

August 27, 2011 1:52 am Published by

Here’s yet another video to look forward to from Hoon Media’s Mark Boxer. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to own and drive a Hakosuka outside of Japan? Here’s a guy who has done it!

While you’re here, do us a favour and visit the Motorex video competition page and click “like” on the video Boxer made for the event. If he wins first place, he’s promised that the prize will be put towards coming back to Japan and making more videos like the ones of the 1JZ Meeting!


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  • Nismoe says:

    Actually as of late yes I have wondered. Looking forward to this release!

  • SparkyR-1 says:

    man what a lucky guy.
    finishing touches, perhaps gtr badges? im pretty sure theyre sold at justjap.com
    this is one car ill definitely be checking out for.
    is this road legal in australia tho?
    or will it need complicated reasoning from the rta like the r34 gtr?

  • andylaurel says:

    I read his build page and I’m impressed. Very nice build.

    You’d imagine someone who loves the car so much would know how to pronounce its name though…

  • Babalouie says:

    @SparkyR-1: I’m a little hesitant to put GT-R badges on the car, since it’s not something I would do on say a modern GTS-t Skyline….also I think the car is cool enough as a non-GT-R 🙂 And yes it’s legal for the road in Australia, in fact the compliance process for older cars tends to be easier since a lot of the requirements came into effect after teh car was made, and hence aren’t applicable.

    @Andy: “Haaaaaccht-SKA!” (I do find that ppl get confused when you say it the right way tho) 😀

  • sparkyR-1 says:

    fair enough 😛
    are u good friends with fonzy?
    it would awesome if ur hako and his boso celica were together and had a picture taken