GRILLED STEAK: Mr S*****’s V8 Soarer

July 19, 2011 2:58 pm Published by


Originally modified by Daigo Saito as a street car, this stock V8-powered orange pearl Soarer now belongs to Mr S*****.

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  • USA#1 says:

    1UZ powered?

  • huonc says:


  • crinale says:

    “Originally modified by Daigo Saito”
    those words are so ominous

  • lachlan says:

    man they look really good with bolt on flares

  • chris says:

    Thats some japanese muscle right there, speed stripes and all

  • Shane says:

    W58 or R154?
    Those guards must be ripped up under those flares….

  • Jason says:

    Each car that Saito tweaks comes out being somewhat more awesome.

  • J says:

    Anything touched by Daigo is just sexy. He has a way with older Toyotas.

    Toyota should let him do a special edition of the new GRX 130.

  • hammo says:

    @Shane my guess would be W58 if its still a stock 1UZ, R154 would simply be overkill.

    im currently reading the previous posts of noriyaro and can I unofficially say that this is quite possibly the greatest drifting blog currently available!!! simply because you dont include photo’s of just drifting in general, but because it encompasses the true spirit of drifting!

    I can quite easily say you are LITERALLY living my dream. To move to japan and give up all other alternatives to drift on the best drift tracks in the world!

    While I understand the need for characters like the Vahoumis brothers in australian drifting, I believe that you (being the president of the first CAMS affiliated drift club in Australia) are one of the founding members of grass-roots australian drifting, and that that should really account for a lot.

    You are genuinley living the australian drifters dream by moving to Japan and doing what we all wish we could do!

    I look forward to all future posts, and hope that I can meet you at a future australian (or Japanese!) drift meet.

    If you are attending WTAC this year, my fingers are crossed that I can meet you in person and have a good old yarn over the current state of drifting in this wonderful country.

    Stay JDM! (im not gonna lie, I miss the old long hair + bad bleached blond style :P)

  • Fishmarkett says:

    Everything looks good with bolt on flares!

  • Zack says:

    Love the SC300 emblems. 😛

  • jared says:

    ls1 swap?

  • Kolbotn says:


  • huonc says:

    wallpaper 4/5 tbh!

  • James says:

    Fucken sexy flairs! Its giving me naughty ideas for my uzz30. Finally a drift v8 soarer.. videos need to be posted asap mate

  • The Nitz says:

    So fuckin rad to see one of my fav drivers had the same idea as me….U guys wanna feature my 400 that’s got a r154(cnc’d a bellhousing adapter for 1UZ r154 swap) and a Tilton pedal set with remote mounted m/c’s…also got a 82 corona with a 1j r154…..both are full tilt….

  • BlueSlug says:

    Amaaziiiiiinnnnnggg :O

  • joehan54 says:

    i have a supra v8 running w58 and 4.1 NA ratio at the rear.. can’t seem to get much smoke out of it.. need to hit the throttle hard as low rev on 3rd no power… guess is the chassy or something..

    • greenroadster says:

      @joehan54 – That is very interesting what you saying. I was wondering the same thing. Not that much power for all that smoke. My guess is that is not a stock V8.

  • greenroadster says:

    Really curious about what size are the wheels…Are they R18 or R19?