BIG IN JAPAN: Own a non-Japanese drifter and proud of it? I need your help!

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UPDATE: Thank you to all the people who sent in photos. I think I’m getting an extra two pages in the magazine this month!

A serious lack of petrol in the eastern part of Japan recently has meant that every single drifting event since the earthquake was cancelled. With nothing to shoot, workshops not opening and no way to get around, my camera has laid dormant in its bag, unable to take any new pics for the past couple of weeks!

So for those reasons, I ask the following question:

Do you drift an Escort, Mustang, or a Holden Ute? A Benz or a Beemer? A Ford, Holden, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Porsche, Volvo or even a Lada?

This month’s Noriyaro column in Drift Tengoku magazine is going to be all about “local and proud of it” drift cars.

This is a call to everyone in the USA and the UK, Aussies, Europeans, Enzedders and everyone else. Even if you think your car is fairly simple, as long as you get it sideways, I want to see it. From a work in progress to a circuit regular.

Conversely, if you’ve gone the Japanese body route, but have gone for a very local engine conversion, I want to see that too. A Volvo turbo, BMW V8, anything like that. In case you’re wondering, of course I still want to see your LS1 or LS8, no matter how blasphemous some might call the conversion! Don’t be afraid to stand beside your creation in the pic and do some JDM posing. Rope your girlfriend in if she’s blonde, they love that.

For every photo that gets chosen by Kawasaki-san and published in the magazine, I’ll send out a copy of the mag the pic is in, and a Drift Tengoku sticker.

What I need are fairly big resolution photos taken with anything other than a phone camera. Feel free to include a few different ones, especially action shots if you have them. Send them one or two at a time if your email can’t quite handle sending a lot at once.

If the photo was not taken by you, please make sure that you have permission from the photographer to use it. If you’re a photographer with some great shots and some details on the cars, please send them through.

Don’t worry about processing or cropping them. The mag designers will look after all that.

Make sure to include the owner’s name, what country you live in, some basic specs of the car, and why you like it.

Send the emails to alexi at

I know this is kind of late notice, but I’ll need the pics by early next week at the latest. If you don’t already have any pics, this weekend might be a good time to do it!

Even if this doesn’t apply to you, if you know someone that drives something like this on a local forum or your club, please send them a link to the site.


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