GIRLS PARTY: Venus Challenge at Odaiba D1GP

May 31, 2010 4:48 pm Published by

We’re on a bit of a girl drifter bender here recently! Nothing at all wrong with that though, is there?

To finish things up, I thought I’d post a few pics from the Venus Challenge demo that was held at the 2010 Odaiba D1GP round.

I already posted up some pics of Saori Ishikawa from the event, but she wasn’t the only driver there.

Kiirochan, otherwise known as Sumika Kubokawa, was there too.

This is Michie Ajimoto, currently ranked third in the series.

That’s a hell of an out line!

I had my long lens on when I took this shot, so the framing isn’t the best, but it gives you a good idea of the kind of drifting they can do. Everyone tried to make it as exciting as possible for the crowd.

Saori looks like she has a good chance for the overall championship. I can’t wait to see her competition car that they currently have in the build at SunRise.

From right to left, Rie Niimi (as seen in the middle of this photo) Kiirochan and Michie Ajimoto listen as 3UP’s Akemi Okazaki tells all the girls in the crowd that drifting is a lot of fun to watch, but that it’s even more fun to actually do!

OK, I think that’s the end of this spree of girl drifting. Tomorrow, we’ll get into something a lot more manly.

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  • spirit ドリフト says:

    aaaahhhhhhhh thats the chick that won on Drift Tengoku at Ebisu in vol 21! she’s the best woman drifter ive ever seen ay!!!!

  • spirit ドリフト says:

    the chick from 3up that is!!!

  • Neuri says:

    It would be nice to see woman running in the D1, it would be cool to see a video of this event but the angle and lines they are taking look pretty crazy (good)

  • Karl says:

    Love the girl coverage lately.

    Can show my girl what she should be doing other than dressing pretty.

  • Absolution says:

    MORE COVERAGE ON RIE. She’s a hardie-enducer.

    Holy crap, where did my decency go? *AHEM* Please, Alexi? 🙂

  • fameONE says:

    I really wish more women would get into drifting. I’ve met quite a few women who have expressed interest in the sport, as well as JDM car culture, but very few take it to the next level. As always, great coverage, Alexi

  • Isidro says:

    no more women? 🙁
    I sure hope tomorrow’s manly post is related to four doors!

  • Henry says:

    Keep the female drift coverage goin! It’s great to see women who drift! My gf is supportive of me, but is such a bad driver she won’t even drive my RWD cars!!! ROFL! Also, Rie is hella かわいい‼

  • beto says:

    I don’t mind the coverage on girl drifting at all:-)

  • BEN129 says:

    We gave Michie Ajimoto one of our “RB Gravy” stickers when we were in japan.. i wonder if it made it onto her car??

  • QuickStyle says:

    Heeey! its MICHAN from GARAGE DAI on Shikoku Island! She was just at my going away party last weekend!! shes not to shabby of a driver!!!

  • Gonales says:

    I love drifting myself, i am a girl,
    and its cool that there are competitions for women as well…
    Shame, that where i come from, drifting is popular enough by far, so im kinda the only one…