SPOON CIVIC HATCH ON SLICKS: Can I have one please?

March 1, 2010 12:01 am Published by

Despite the other more expensive and faster machinery sitting around Type One, this little Civic caught the eyes of quite a few in our group.

Honda people are going to have to forgive me if this is a particularly famous car, because I have no idea.

Otherwise, just enjoy the pics.

OK, so we have a side-exit exhaust and slick tyres. You may have noticed the pneumatic jacks in the first shot.

Damn it, look at those centerlock wheels and those brakes.

That looks like a rollcage in there.

Hatch locks and release cables weigh too much.

Brake bias adjuster, swaybar adjuster, internal fuel lines, fire suppression system. This is looking pretty serious.

Sorry about the terrible photo. Notice where the redline is marked on the tacho.

Delicously jammable shifter.

Take another look at those brakes. It’s pretty obvious this car was meant to do lap after lap until the fuel ran out.

I was at this event, but I don’t remember the car. Once again, I have no idea if it’s famous or not.

A question for Honda people: how do you refer to this Civic? It’s the one before the EF, right?

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