WEEKEND EDITION: Videos from Canada and Texas

October 24, 2009 3:04 am Published by

The first one was sent to me by Steve from Canada. He probably thinks I wasn’t going to post this video, because I just sent him back a “that’s nice, thanks for your email” kind of email. Language warning on this one if you’re playing it out loud somewhere. The track looks like fun. Do the guys from Seattle and Vancouver have to get a ferry over there or something? The best part of this video is when the guy in the blue 180SX hits the switchez.

Lonestarbash @ Mineral Wells, TX 2009. By Fabricated Motorsports. from aaron losey on Vimeo.

The next one is Aaron Losey’s video of the Lonestarbash at Mineral Wells in Texas. It’s kind of long, but you didn’t come here because you’re busy now, did you? I like the idea of the “party circle” at the end of the run. The best part of this video is when the camera was in focus.

The best part about both these videos are Cressidas.

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  • Woody says:

    I love that it’s raw, inspiring.

  • Jiggy says:

    Awesome. BC drifting FTW. As for the ferry question Alexi, yeah the track is located on Vancouver island, about an hour ferry ride from Vancouver. Keep your eyes open for the gold silvia, Green and Red/Black SR86’s and the Grey 4 door R32 at the FD Pro-am finals at Irwindale. Thanks for the coverage!

  • fastmatt says:


  • 5hu7o says:

    woah! wtf is up with the gutters on the track man?!

  • hooptywagon says:

    Yep, only way onto the island is by boat. Luckily, the ferries have decent loading ramps so most cars don’t have issues…..but it’d be fun in a kitted, dumped S-chassis.

  • Namakeshi says:

    The first is very cool and Insane but poor 180sx hahahaha…
    And the second have a good start with a lot of smoke tires and speed entries.
    So I was wondering if you recieved our e-mail to change links for our page so please give us an answer.
    Have a nice weekend!

  • no camber says:

    what cressidas. i see a chaser and the other video had none.

  • zach says:

    i the first video there was a mx73 cressida at 1:53 and the other one there a was green mx73 and a mx83 that is black with a white rear

  • zack geng! says:

    YEAH! our local guys!!!! this is one of our “local” vancouver tracks. there are only 2-3 available venues in b.c canada and each venue is about 3-6 hours away from eachother. these are the only ones that are available to us drifters over here. awsome footages and these guys definatly need the coverage! gratz to Steve (pink silvia) Chris (green sr 86) Kohei(gold silvia) Peter (green and black at some parts silvia) Trent (pink./redish sr86) Ian (grey R32 4D)

  • SpoolinKouki says:

    Neptun D they were really getting to sick angle

    I 2nd that party circle that looks pretty fun I wish we had that one our track haha

  • Daniel says:

    shot of the 350z from exactly 4:00-4:03 in the 2nd vid i thought was pure awesome! like it should belong in some sweet ad or something~

  • Isidro says:

    the blue/purple JZX100 Chaser is (to my knowledge) the only JZX in the USA aside from the former Formula D JZX90 and 100. It wasn’t imported legally, obviously, and the owner blew up the 1jz and swapped a 2jz.
    just thought you’d like to know

  • Jakedott says:

    That first video is amazing. The skyline was throwin down hard. I saw it at formula d in evergreen this year it was killin it their too.

  • Smercer says:

    digging the miata and the two tone s13 with red front bar!

  • TEXXXAS says:


  • Robinxr4i says:

    Great videos really well put together and entertaining. The E36 in the second video was ace, proper smokey!

  • CONGRATS TO IAN !!! (canadian video) in the grey skyline shop skyline…HE”S YOUR FORMULA D PRO-AM WINNER ~!~!~!~!