ITASHA: Ranka Lee Lancer Evo wagon

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I’ve been really busy the past couple of days, and haven’t had much time to go through any of older photos and develop them for the site, so check out this itasha seen in the parking lot at the recent Hyper Meeting, themed around Macross Frontier character, Ranka Lee.

It only makes sense, since this has been an all-girl week so far…

If you’re not familiar with the term itasha, it’s a play on words in Japanese.

The word sha means “car”. They cram this word together with another word to describe the origin of a foreign car. Amesha means “American car”, and itasha means “italian car”.

In this case however, they use the kanji character for “pain”, which is also pronounced ita. What you have then is a car that is painful to look at for most people.

That is unless of course, you’re a big fan of anime, manga or whatever else the car is themed around.

This particular Evo wagon is themed around Ranka Lee, one of the main characters in the recent Macross Frontier series that ran here in Japan last year. Most of you would know Macross as the Robotech series that ran on TV in the mid 1980s, since the Macross franchise has been running for decades in a similar way that Star Trek has.

Youtube videos of Ranka here.

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