HYPER MEETING 2009 PART I: Track action and drifting demos

April 13, 2009 2:56 am Published by

If you like Imprezas or Lanevos, you’re going to love these pics.

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to attend a Hyper Meeting event, but if pics from previous years are anything to go by, this one was crazy. The paddock was jammed full of cars, and equally full of spectators, which gave the security guards a fun time, as they tried to escort the cars to and from the track.

The main subjects for this year were Imprezas, Lancers and Suzuki Swift Sports, with the occasional Forester and a big bunch of Legacys thrown in. A lot of cars were there for display only, but as would be expected, most of the action was out on the Tsukuba 2000 circuit.

Takahiro Nakamura’s crazy chop-top Impreza was back again.

Car Service Hiro were advertising their “Fuzz” felt flocking service with this felt-covered Work VS-KF wheel.

The day was run by Hyper Rev magazine and all the other associated Sanei Shobo Publishing magazines, so naturally, all of their new complete tuning guides were on sale.

Perfectly suited for a Subaru and Mitsubishi event, Team Orange’s Kumakubo, Tanaka and Suenaga were present, and did drift demonstrations in their D1 cars.

More in part II.

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