YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG: JZX100 missile crash at Nikko

March 25, 2009 12:30 am Published by

Full points awarded here for enthusiastic driving. Heard from the gallery were comments like “90 degree camber might be a bit too much!”

I tried making an “88 miles an hour” joke, but it turns out Doc Brown actually said 142km/h in the Japanese version of Back to the Future. I had to say “de rorian taimu mashiinu” before anyone understood.

Team Fluke to the rescue! Behind the wheel is D1 driver Hiroshi Fukuda, and riding on the back are Fluke’s Takako Sugiyama (she drifts a red 180SX), D1SL driver Masahiko Mizuno and another dude that I don’t know.

I’ve heard the Cresta is now being used as a rockcrawler, thanks to its incredible new suspension drop modification.

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