D1 Grand Prix 2009: Round 1 winner

March 29, 2009 11:50 am Published by

Congratulations Nomuken, winner of the 2009 D1GP Round 1 at Ebisu Circuit.

I really should crouch down when taking a photo of him though.

…and yes, that’s snow falling.

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  • Benny says:

    Well done to Nomuken! Awesome picture, snow looks cool 🙂

  • Banpei says:

    LOL! You are just as tall as the Nomuken and the prize together! 😀
    Dino Dalle Carbonare already called him the pocket-sized Blitz driver and that’s a very good description I guess.
    He’s one of the most remarkable drivers of D1 and I can’t wait to see him win D1GP this season.

  • Matt says:

    Agreed. Well Done to Nomuken. That is an amazing photo aswell. It’s as if the world applauds him!

  • tgluak says:

    Symantec’s anti-crash does seem to work 😀

    Looks like that trophy would crush little Nomura haha.

  • Daniel says:

    haha love nomuken!!! monkey man!

    also i LOVE snow pictures! but looks like u got pretty close to him! wide angle much?

  • gfunk says:

    i need more pics of nomuken’s new paint/decals!

  • anth says:

    the snow just adds a whole new dimension to the pictures…so cool

  • Fury-S12 says:

    Gud to see nomuken at the top again ebisu is one of his better tracks performance wise would love to see him in contention for the title at years end

    ditto on gfunks comment too 😛

  • LaT1NaSo says:

    Definitely my favourite D1 driver, he is one of the reason’s why i ended up buying a 4 door r34! Congrats NOMUKEN!!!!

  • Joey says:

    Yeeeew! nomuken rocks, go the 4 door liners!!!