FULL THROTTLE: Papa-chan’s 10,000rpm AE86 drifter

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Remember these shots of Tomonori Akai’s car at the MSC invitational competition at Odaiba? You can thank him for the fact you’re seeing these photos today. He has been bugging me constantly on Mixi (a Japanese Myspace/Facebook) and in person all day yesterday at Tsukuba Circuit, wanting to see the shots I took of his car a couple of weeks ago. So then, here they are.

I had to roll two SSR Mark II’s over a hundred meters so I could stack them up, stand on them and reach over the fence to take this shot. That’s how much I love you guys.

Car: 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno
Engine: 1600cc 4A-G 20V Blacktop
Power: 190hp
Engine work: SP-TEC intake funnel, In 304/Ex 288 Toda camshafts, Toda valvesprings, AE101 conrods, Toda 82φ forged pistons, NNC’s Takumi’s SPL exhaust manifold, Run Free muffler
Cooling: Trust 22-row oil cooler, Koyo radiator, custom radiator water spray system
Ignition: SP-TEC distributor relocation, FREEDOM computer
Transmission: T50 gearbox with KDX gearset, 4.3 or 4.5 final gear
Suspension: Triax Technical Koni-based custom dampers, TRD lower arms, custom control arms, custom lateral rod, Cusco caster rods, Muscle Bear SPL knuckles
Brakes: Normal with Endless pads
Wheels: Work Meister S1 15x9J -25 offset
Tires: Toyo R1R or Advan Neova front, Advan Neova rear
Body: Muscle Bear one-off front strut top tower bar, gusset welded and pop-riveted, seven-point rollcage
Exterior: K & L JAPAN GOOD LINE front aero, bonnet and bumper canard, RUN FREE front fender, unknown side skirts, RUN FREE rear hatch, Mercury rear carbon diffuser, polycarbonate windows, EC Works mirrors
Interior: Omori tacho, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure gauges, one-off laser-cut meter panel (Tomo’s day-job is running a million-dollar industrial laser-cutting machine), KTS steering wheel, quick-release hub, Recaro SP-G seat, Juran seat rail, Sabelt harness

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