WEEKEND EDITION – 6th December 2008

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Remember this post about the Fairlady rollover at Ebisu? I posted up the videos on Mixi, a Japanese social networking site, and the happy chap seen crawling out of the car found it and wrote a comment.

Here’s what he had to say, translated into English as best as I could.

Oh~OK Japanese killer Z!!
my name is crazy86shidancho!

I was in the passenger seat of that Z.
Maaan, I thought I was going to die!

Mr Alexi

nice camera shot
thank you!! OK

And now…

Japanese MURDeR Z!!!
Sushi yoroshiku
p(~へ~; What the hell am I talking about…

Sounds like the kind of guy who’d laugh as a car rolled over while he was in it.

Next, here’s a poster I saw at the local registation office, aimed at cars and bikes with too-loud exhausts.

The big text at the top says “Shut the hell up!” or thereabouts. Down below that on the little triangle, it says “Modified mufflers: Don’t make them, don’t sell them, don’t buy them.”

Reminds me a bit of the “Speeding: Nobody thinks big of you” campaign run in Australia earlier this year, where authorities seemed to be under the illusion that young men speed to impress the opposite sex.

Judging by the number of girls with copper-dyed hair, skintight leopard-print and too-pink lipstick I’ve seen riding on the back of maxi scooters with loud exhausts, they’ve got their choice of poster model wrong here too.

Speaking of exhausts, I’m a big fan of one-off lobsterback dumper tips.

Here’s a bunch of wheels at a local Up Garage that some people might find interesting.

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