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This is the famous street drift corner at Nanko Minami, Osaka. As you can see, it’s generally a lot more empty these days.

This is Mr L. Anyone who used to read my column in HOT4s magazine will know all about Mr L. He had a little trouble with the law at Nanko, and the law won. As a result, this bright-yellow S14 no longer exists, and he will soon be moving away from Osaka to another city.

Mr J, another Australian who moved back home recently, also deserves a mention. This was his 180SX, hiding in some Tokyo backstreets, waiting for the police to go away.

Trips back home were fun too.


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  • Akai-Oni says:

    Keisatsu cracked down in Osaka in a major way. I was hearing stories of people getting thrown in the slammer and fined upwards of 3 million yen?

  • Fury-S12 says:

    ah man the memories of all the vids and clips of that corner stupid cops

    and wow i knew Mr.L had lost to the law but i didnt realize they took his car that sucks big time ive got quite a few pics and vids of that car floating round my hdd

    Mr.J i know from another forum beautiful car tastefully done mods and it was driven properly too was for sale in japan for a decent price to altho im sure its sold by now

  • Laurence says:

    It all seems like a distant dream now… it was great to be around for the tail end of what Nanko used to be but as the title says, it is probably time to be moving on.

  • Peter of A. says:

    nooooooooo ! Not THIS S14, I loved it ! By the way, here is his youtube : there used to have some video of his S14 on it. I request a wallpaper of his car as tribute to a great drifter !

  • Lorenzo says:

    the law here in Japan is getting harder on the street drifters and racers.
    Tokyo is where they crack down 1st then spread to the rest of the country but recently the cops have been cracking down even harder now.
    It is still better here than in Australia I’ve heard.

    have to be out in the sticks to have fun.

  • Rob_180sx says:

    Wow, I didn’t know they cracked down so hard!

  • shano says:

    It was only a matter of time before Drifting tengoku is gone..

  • Fury-S12 says:

    that corner definitely has a place in my drifting heaven

    i think aus and japan are pretty much on par consequence wise these days japan may even be a little worse you get 2 chances before your car is taken forever in Australia not sure if japans system is worse on that front but from memory the fine Mr.L copped was rather substantial, alot more then you could expect here

    the bits thats worse here is that you can lose your car for something as little as squelling the tires taking off or even revving that little bit too much the new laws are way too broad for all the crimes to fit the punishment sucks big time.

  • Luke says:

    Living in the sticks in Japan is where its at.
    Police are really nice, and compliment me on my car style, they dont really patrol the touge much.

    I have never seen such loose and crazy laws in the world. Its simply a playground in Gunma.
    Head to the hills right now and you will see 50 kei cars drifting on the snow filled touge.

  • Jarich says:

    What a pretty blue car! I forgot you took those shots.

  • Paul says:

    I know that guy.

  • andy says:

    yeah, we is eatin corn in un sticks.

  • TimSS says:

    Да ребята видели-бы вы нани дороги и наши заезды…вы-бы нам посачувствовали…Ну а я просто завидую…