CRASH: Naoto Suenaga’s WRX, the day after.

October 29, 2008 11:00 pm Published by

You may be wondering if Naoto Suenaga was able to make it back out on the track after his heavy hit of the tyre barrier during Friday’s practice. Team Orange put in a lot of hard work and actually manageed to get the car into an agreeable state, just as long as you were only looking at it from the grandstands and not any closer. The funniest thing however, was what they did about the missing wing mirror.

…a brand new one was constructed out of cardboard and black gaffer tape, complete with some silver tape for a fake mirror. As the car was lined up for practice, Ken Maeda walked up, took one look at it, looked at Naoto and laughed.

“It’s a lightweight aero mirror now.” Naoto said.

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