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DOING STUFF, NOT POSTING IT: Out the back of Tomei

By in 29-09-2010 2:05 am

I’ve doing and shooting a lot of stuff recently, but a lot of it has been going to magazines and the like instead of ending up here. My former workmate Mark Boxer was in town recently though, so I went with him to a visit he had arranged at Tomei to shoot some pics and video, so here’s some pics from that day.

Not only can Boxer do the journalism thing, he’s also handy with a stuntbike and at using an angle grinder to make things.




By in 20-09-2010 1:44 am

If you’re either one of the original readers of Noriyaro, or interested enough to go back and read some of the older posts, see if you remember this one of some pics of Team Burst back in 2006.


How would you like a video version?

Watch for the bit where I nearly get smacked in the head by a flying foam block.

2006年のチーム バーストです!名阪スポーツランド、Eコース。

This video was taken by Laurence, creator of other such fine drifting videos such as the Phat Sliggity Ziptie segment and Osaka Touge Drift and Jesse Streeter at Meihan.

He was kind enough to drive me to Meihan Circuit when I was in Osaka for a couple of days to watch some guys he said that he thought were pretty good. It turned out to be Team Burst. Thanks Laurence! I mean, Mr L!


WEEKEND EDITION: 1JZ Meeting and full aero!

By in 19-09-2010 2:59 am

I picked up my Mark II from the panel shop today with a full aero kit and polished paint just in time for the 1JZ Meeting at Fuji Speedway today! More on that later.

For the people who expressed interest in Drift Tengoku magazine, I’ve been talking to the distributors about it this week and should have some more details soon.

For the people who were asking about the photos from the AE86 event, they just came out yesterday in Drift Tengoku’s Noriyaro section! I still have a lot left over though, so some of them might see the light of day on here eventually.

Speaking of magazines, the one I used to work for in Australia, the now-defunct Autosalon, is regularly putting up some of their former articles online. Here’s one I wrote about the Mature two-door GC/GD conversion drift car a little while ago.


COLLECTABILITY: R35 GT-R mousepad and Sileighty brochure

By in 14-09-2010 4:46 pm

Here’s a couple of interesting little bits of memorabilia I’ve picked up so far in Japan.

This mousepad was made by Nissan to celebrate the original 7’38″54 GT-R time around the Nürburgring, which has of course since been bettered. It was only given out to the “Technology member” employes, who directly worked on the GT-R’s design and construction. I received this from a friend who worked at the Nissan Tochigi factory, where they make the GT-R. He gave it to me saying “I don’t use a mouse on my home computer. You like this sort of stuff, right?”



SNOWBISU: D1 cars left out in the cold

By in 13-09-2010 10:01 pm

Alright, news and info time.

The response to the Drift Tengoku subscription post was amazing. I’m glad there are that many people out there keen on it. I’ll have the relevant info up as soon as possible.

If you’ve been wondering why there haven’t been a lot of posts recently, it’s because a lot of my best pics, like the ones of the recent AE86 event I attended, are now going to the Noriyaro section of the very same magazine! I guess I’m going to have to start shooting some more.

Speaking of posts, if you want to be notified every time a new post goes up on the site, the Noriyaro page on Facebook is a good way to keep up with them.

Just to keep it random, enjoy this pic of the sudden snowstorm that occurred right after the winner’s battle at Ebisu D1GP in March last year. They get the craziest weather up there!