DOING STUFF, NOT POSTING IT: Out the back of Tomei

September 29, 2010 2:05 am Published by

I’ve doing and shooting a lot of stuff recently, but a lot of it has been going to magazines and the like instead of ending up here. My former workmate Mark Boxer was in town recently though, so I went with him to a visit he had arranged at Tomei to shoot some pics and video, so here’s some pics from that day.

Not only can Boxer do the journalism thing, he’s also handy with a stuntbike and at using an angle grinder to make things.

I enjoyed a nice cold vending machine coffee with Tomei’s international rep, Allen Lorenzo.

Me standing in and trying to look hardcore so Boxer can set up his shots.

Reflector boards give you the nicest glow. Thanks for the pics Allan!

Formula Drift driver Kenji Yamanaka was there too, putting the new Tomei Arms vinyl on his Japan-based SR20DET demo car. Looks pretty good with the Maziora paint!

Anyway, I do have a big backlog of event pics to put up, but I have something special planned for next week’s posts first!


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