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This car really deserves something better than a few quick shots indoors under bad lighting, but it’s worth a look, all the same.

This rather neat AE86 belongs to a guy who goes by the nickname “Asayan”. Asayan works at a body shop in Osaka called “Looking”, who are well known for their extremely stylish paintjobs. Not only that, Looking are obsessed with drifting as well, and run several “HitomiGo” events a year at Meihan Circuit, named after Hitomi, the other half of Looking.

This particular style small-wheel of AE86 is rapidly dying out in the Japanese drifting scene, with most people preferring larger 15-inch wheels.

The upside of running 185/60 14 tyres, like Asayan does, is that the car can sit a lot lower to the ground and still be functional.

The car isn’t registered, but it still has a complete interior.

That’s a neat way to mount a helmet. See if you can spot the cameraman.

The engine bay is pretty old-school as well.

AE92 kouki with…I think they’re Solex carbs?

One other thing Looking are known for are their LED light conversions, and some of their custom show-car pieces are ridiculously elaborate. This AE86 brake-light conversion is a bit more straight forward. The LEDs are backed with holographic vinyl to further diffuse the light.

After taking a look around the workshop, I think we found the source of Asayan’s inspiration for the colour scheme of his AE86.

I know I’ll be seeing some more of this car very soon, so look forward to some action shots.

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