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REAL: Himawari Racing at Fuji Speedway Drift Course, Part I

By in 04-06-2009 2:55 am

Last Saturday, I drifted at a Himawari Racing day at Fuji Speedway, or “Doripa” as everyone here refers to it. Himawari is a group of friends who live in Hachioji, a city to the south-west of Tokyo. The group’s leader is a guy called Kazuya who drifts a bright-pink AE86 Trueno coupe, and is in a triple-car team with Tomonori Akai and my housemate Shino Murai, called the “Hachiroku Hentai”. More on that another time.

The weather report had said it supposed to clear up for the afternoon, so rain in the morning was not unexpected. Here’s my other housemate Yoshio “Riichan” Takahashi and I negotiating the streets of Hachioji (cheaper than taking the toll roads) while I enjoy a tuna and mayo onigiri for breakfast.




By in 27-02-2009 12:30 am

I recently attended a drift event at Fuji Speedway Drift Course run by Himawari Racing in Tokyo, which is led by a young AE86-driving guy named Kazuya.

Himawari (which means “sunflower”) had an amusing way of naming the different skill classes on the day. Beginner classes were named after delicate flowers like Tulip Class and Rose Class. The more skilled groups were named things like Dandelion, all the way up to Sunflower Class, the biggest and toughest flower of the lot.

I really have to start bringing out the camera a bit more when I’m actually driving at an event, but lugging out a big long lens after getting out of the driver’s seat is usually put in the “can’t be arsed” basket.

Anyway, here’s a couple of more pics of drivers and their cars from the day.