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ANY WAY YOU LIKE: Drifting “my style”

By in 03-02-2011 3:14 am

Here’s a couple of guys I met a couple of weeks ago at Daikoku Futo parking area. They’re fans of the Noriyaro column in Drift Tengoku magazine and insisted I take some photos, so I asked them to show me what they thought was the most interesting point was about their cars.

You might have seen a bubble shifter before, but have you seen an illuminated one? Illumination accessories are actually sold in shops, and it’s like a little ring with double-sided adhesive on them that attaches to the bottom of the shifter, lighting it up. I have one that cycles through rainbow colours (not on the car right now though) and there are ones that have flashing patterns too.

This guy is a big fan of 16-inch wheels and minimal bodykits, early 90’s style. Why does he still rock this look?

“Because not only is it easy to look cool, it’s cheap too.”

Good enough for me.