WEEKEND EDITION: Bowls L.A. box of awesome

February 13, 2010 11:11 pm Published by

I received this little package from the USA the other day…

OK, this looks promising!

Yes, here it is! You may remember the post I made around Christmas with a big list of links on it, wherein I made a rather blatant request to the Bowls L.A. guys to send me some Cali love. Being the car guy that I am, when a straight-up fashion store mixes it up with engine-related things, namely the Ruckus tuning that Bowls have made a name for themselves with, I kinda dig it.

Since about 9% of the entire traffic for this site comes from California alone, I thought it was fair enough, right? It turns out they thought so too!

So, first up is the Bowls Phantom shirt in ash grey. Nice!

Now we’re talking. Rogue Status “The Devil Makes Me Do It” tee, which is pretty much why my car is missing most of the front bumper.

It’s not really easy to buy a shirt that’s cut in an American style over here, so these are going to get a lot of use.

Just to prove we’re in a JDM location, that’s a Toyota Progrès behind that The Hundreds tee.

Yesss, The Hundreds. I wore this shirt out in Shinjuku last Friday night. Not thirty seconds after I took off my jacket and walked over the bar to get myself a “kuba ribure” (work that one out fellas) the girl taking orders smiled and said “That shirt looks cute, all those skulls”.

I’ve seen her before at the same place (The Hub, total gaijin bar, good place to start), and she never said anything until now, so it was all about the shirt.

The Hundreds. Impressing cute bartendresses in Shinjuku since 2010.

OK, I’m going to have to redrill these for sure, but these are going on the car somehow.

Sticker packs? Yes please, I love stickers.

Support your local Bowls by checking out their website here!

You know these are going somewhere good.

Thanks Bowls L.A. guys!


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