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Remember the pic I posted of Shun Akutsu’s Advan NSX drifting at Tsukuba Circuit? Well, he came over the other day for a little party we had at the house, and I heard about a bit of the history behind his unusual choice in drift car.

Now there’s a perfect example of early 90s Japanese men’s fashion.

A few years later, and the car was looking a bit more hardcore than before.

“Sorry, I was just being an idiot in this photo.” he said.

A few more years, and he was invited to display his car at the Tokyo Auto Salon on the Drift Tengoku stand. Every year, the magazine’s editor Kawasaki-san picks out a bunch of cars to show on the stand that aren’t necessarily the best drift cars, but are the most interesting, or are representative of a new style.

Those Model 5s look great.

Much like another rebel in an expensive black car, Rauh Welt’s Nakai-san, Shun likes to regularly change the graphics and image of his car. Here it is with the crown graphics at Fuji Speedway.

The first time I saw the car was at Ebisu Circuit at the 2007 Spring Drift Matsuri. He was doing some awesome sanpatsu drifts down the front straight of Higashi Course, so I decided to grab my camera. Just as I was doing so, this happened.

Here’s what the car looks like as of this week. He’s switched back to the old Advan scheme, but with more accurate spacing in the stripes.

The snorkel isn’t really what you’d call functional, but it does actually feed some air down to the engine’s bellmouths. The whole front bumper section is carbon fibre too.

The Liverpool logo has been there for a while, but snakeskin and rhinestones? Yesssssss. Something so right about it. If you have “Kickstart My Heart” handy on iTunes, play it and look at this picture.

Shun actually likes to go by the nickname “Mark” now too. Why, you ask? Because his other daily driver is a Mark II, as seen in this picture. Mark Akutsu. Mark II. Get it?

I was kind of surprised when he showed up to the house in the NSX considering it’s not the easiest thing to park in the small space we have. I asked if he drove it to work too.

He shook his head.

“No, I ride a bicycle.”

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