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FOR OFF ROAD USE NOT ONLY: D1 Street Legal car on the street

By in 10-06-2010 9:38 pm

Just like how lions and gazelles share the same waterholes in Africa, D1SL machines and kei vans sometimes share the same fuel pumps in Japan.

Yuusuke Kitaoka has a boring daily driver as well, but prefers to also use his 600HP 2JZ Mark II to drive and watch his friends at drift events, visit his parents’ house and sometimes pick his girlfriend up from the train station.

“It’s really embarrassing when he does, because everyone stares at us!” she said.


THE JZX IS BACK: First time out at Okegawa Sports Land

By in 24-03-2010 12:24 am

I received a call the other morning from Yuusuke Kitaoka asking if I’d like to go and watch some of his friends driving at Okegawa Sports Land.

Since his car has no rear seat, and his girlfriend Yuki was coming along too, I had to drive there as well. This wasn’t too much of a problem as far as I’m concerned, and Yuki actually ended up riding in my car anyway because I still have a comfortable factory seat on the passenger’s side.

Yes, his car does actually have registration, if you were wondering.