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THIS IS NOT A DEMO RUN: Kunny at Mobara

By in 16-09-2011 2:33 am

As those who follow the Facebook page may have noticed, I was out at Mobara Twin on Wednesday to watch an Ikaten event.

The demo driver for this event was Kuniaki “Kunny” Takahashi, who did the most un-demonstration-like demo-run I’ve ever seen. Rather than show an example of a good run, he basically put it in fourth and blazed the entire corner. You know when there’s so much tyresmoke that it sort of casts a yellow light on everything? It was that thick.

I didn’t really do actual coverage of this event, so if you’re interested at what goes on at an Ikaten, read part one and part two of this event I went to a while ago.



THIS AND THAT: The pits at Hot Version Nikko

By in 10-03-2011 3:39 am

Here’s a couple of photos from the Hot Version shoot I was at about two weeks ago. The mobile phone picture of Daigo Saito’s “Corveighty” that I put up on the Facebook page seemed to get a fairly strong reaction to say the least, so here’s a better photo I took with a camera.

I haven’t seen it run in the dry yet, but in the wet conditions of the day, let’s just say that the squarish new stance looked like it might take some getting used to.

これは斎藤太吾さんの左ハンドル240SX。シボレー コルベットV8エンジンが付いている!



GOODYEAR GURACHAN D: Nikko Circuit competition, Part I

By in 01-10-2009 8:22 pm

The Goodyear Gurachan D (“gurachan” means “grand championship”) competition is a series of events held by the Goodyear tyre company with the aim of encouraging drivers to enter a higher level of drift competitions. That sounded a bit corporate, didn’t it?

What it basically comes down to is that it’s yet another competition series for drivers to get stuck into with the aim of attracting some sponsors. One of the biggest draws of the Gurachan D event is the chance for the winners of the event to win a D1 Street Legal licence in one go, without having to earn the required points by ranking in the D1 Street Legal Regional events. The overall points ranking winner from all the events also wins tyre sponsorship from Goodyear for 2010! Not too bad!



WEEKEND EDITION: Japanese blogs, April 19th

By in 19-04-2009 6:30 am

While being everywhere at once would be a great thing as far as this site is concerned, the laws of relativity and the expressway tolls I’d rack up mean that it’s not quite possible.

So, instead of trying to bend space-time, here’s a few interesting photos collected from some local blogs.

First, here’s the R34 GT-t that Tezuka Tsuyoshi is supporting in D1SL this year.