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THIS TIME FOR SURE: Signing up for the 1JZ Meeting

By in 14-08-2010 12:50 am

One-make events are generally a lot of fun, and attending the recent AE86 day at Fuji Speedway was awesome, but since it was a car that I neither own, nor have owned in the past, I was missing out on that little extra edge that the event provided.

Since my own car is a JZX100, the event to attend is the annual 1JZ Meeting held at Fuji Speedway Drift Course by four-door pro shop, ST Garage. I thought I’d posted up all of the the pics from a previous 1JZ Meeting that I attended back in 2007, but I’ve only put up a few so far, like this one and this one and this one.

As you can see, there’s some interesting stuff going on there.

When I bought the Mark II last year, the event had already been sold out for a long time, which annoyed me a bit and I didn’t actually end up going, even to watch. This year, I decided that the car would be going out there on the track no matter what. The problem was that entries to the event always sell out within a few hours of opening.

To avoid any kind of mess-ups with faxing my entry through and bank deposits, I decided to drive down to ST Garage instead and enter directly.