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LIKE BACK IN 2001: Drifting Bihoku with BURST.

By in 17-03-2009 12:30 am

All the recent posts about my Skyline have been about fail. Now, it’s time for some win.

When I was down at Bihoku Circuit with Team Mustang recently, there were a few times when there was nothing to shoot.

Rather than just sit around, I took the Skyline out for a few laps instead.

Thanks to Andy for lending me the suction mount!



By in 06-03-2009 4:02 am

I don’t want to seem like one of those people who tries to be cool by standing next to famous people and showing photos, but I can’t help it. This is Japan, and meeting these people is why I came here.

The D1 driver I’ve known for the longest time, Tsuyoshi Tezuka at Kids Heart.

That’s what I look like, by the way. I know I haven’t put a picture of me on this blog yet. Shattered your illusions, did it? Or were they confirmed? You tell me.



THE DRIFT TEAM: Burst, 2006

By in 12-11-2008 12:30 am

I posted some of these photos back in 2006 on a couple of drifting forums, and some people promptly took them, watermarked them and posted them on their own websites.


Now that Noriyaro is up and running though, the rest of the until now unseen photos have a place to be shown. These are, of course, photos of Team Burst, one of the most impressive drift teams of recent years (the award for all time greatest drift team has to be Marionette, but we’ll talk about that another time) taken back in 2006 on Meihan Sports Land’s E-Course, not the C-Course as seen on most of the videos from Meihan, where Burst does their wall-scrapingly best.

That didn’t really matter though, as the guys from Burst and Gloss Factory were doing some extremely close driving that day, both to the walls and each other, leaving a trail of rubber shreds, fibreglass and zipties in their wake.