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IGNORING THE CHEQUERED FLAG: Drifting never stops at the Kansai All Star Drift GP

By in 30-08-2011 5:58 am

Quite a few videos from the 2011 Kansai All Star Drift GP came out in the past week, but this was the one I was waiting for!

If you’re at work right now and feel it’s about time for a little break, get yourself some biscuits and a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a bit over ten minutes of craziness.

If that wasn’t enough, Youtube user baccy0529 has uploaded a few dozen videos from the event, including solo and team runs. Click on the Kansai All Star tag to see the free-run videos from previous years.



By in 19-04-2011 5:24 pm

Here’s the bilingual flyer for the Meihan Sports Land event that Shane is organising in a few weeks. I detailed it in a post a while back. Look at that list of sponsors along the top. Not bad eh? It should be fun.



BOSS C-COURSE: Asayan at Meihan

By in 18-10-2010 10:12 pm

As seen before in this post and this post, here’s a video of Asayan’s very neat Boss Coffee AE85 at Meihan C-Course, as shot by Laurence.

Laurence apologises for the glitchy video and audio, but the tape-based camera he was using was on its last legs and died shortly after this video was taken. Despite this, he didn’t try and cover it up with some music, and just left the raw 4AGE sound in for us to enjoy.


WALL-SCRAPINGLY GOOD: Jesse Streeter, shot and edited by Laurence Janus

By in 08-04-2009 12:30 am

While we’re on the subject of videos, take a look at Jesse Streeter’s latest wall-scraping video from Meihan Sports Land.

Jesse is a fellow Australian and friend of mine who lives in Osaka, and you probably would have seen him on the previous video with Vaughn if somebody had remembered to call him (sorry Jesse!). The video was shot and edited by Laurence Janus (otherwise known as Mr L) without a single bit of pointless slow-motion!

Jesse Streeter at Meihan Sportsland 8th April 2009 from L on Vimeo.

Want parts from Yahoo Auctions? Jesse can sort you out: www.jessestreeter.com