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SMALLER IS BETTER: Mature’s new RC track opening

By in 30-07-2009 10:58 pm

A while ago, I received an email from Yoshibumi-san of the Mature panel shop in Utsunomiya, asking if I’d like to come along to the opening of his new remote-control drifting track.

“Your what?” I thought.

Turns out that he had decided to build a dedicated RC drift course in the top level of his workshop to give local drifters a place to hang out together and drift on a smaller scale when they weren’t at the track. I wasn’t able to make it on the weekend during the opening, but I was in the area on Friday, so decided to drop in and have a look.

Out in front of the shop was this JZX100 that belongs to the owner of Technical Garage Sudou. Yoshibumi-san not only did the awesome fade on the paint, but designed the bodykit too! Mature kits aren’t all that well known yet, but they make ones for quite a few vehicles, including Yoshibumi-san’s favourite Imprezas.

If you’re wondering about the flowers, it’s customary when a business in Japan undergoes a grand opening or expansion that other businesses related to that one, or even ones in the same field, send flowers with large name tags to congratulate them.