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THUNDER AND SMOKE: Tokyo Chaser burnout

By in 01-07-2010 11:07 pm

Someone asked back in this post to see more of Carmake Rasty’s “Complete V” JZX100 Chaser demo car.

I haven’t had a chance to see it since then, but here’s how it appeared in a recent issue of Option magazine. They’ve been doing this thing in Option recently where they’ll get a current demo car to do a burnout in a famous part of the city.

In this case, it’s the Thunder Gate (Kaminarimon) in the tourist area of Asakusa in Tokyo.

Take a closer look at the background though.



FOR OFF ROAD USE NOT ONLY: D1 Street Legal car on the street

By in 10-06-2010 9:38 pm

Just like how lions and gazelles share the same waterholes in Africa, D1SL machines and kei vans sometimes share the same fuel pumps in Japan.

Yuusuke Kitaoka has a boring daily driver as well, but prefers to also use his 600HP 2JZ Mark II to drive and watch his friends at drift events, visit his parents’ house and sometimes pick his girlfriend up from the train station.

“It’s really embarrassing when he does, because everyone stares at us!” she said.


WHEELS ARE ON BACKWARDS: Koguchi’s JZX100 at Sugo Speedway

By in 13-05-2010 4:37 pm

Here’s one from back when Koguchi was campaigning a JZX100 Chaser in D1SL.

Right at the end of the qualifying and practice day at Sugo Speedway, he managed to break the left rear suspension on the second corner.  Since it was close to the end of the day, there was no time to send out a recovery truck, so he just parked it on the grass, hopped the fence and walked back to the pits!


THE JZX IS BACK: First time out at Okegawa Sports Land

By in 24-03-2010 12:24 am

I received a call the other morning from Yuusuke Kitaoka asking if I’d like to go and watch some of his friends driving at Okegawa Sports Land.

Since his car has no rear seat, and his girlfriend Yuki was coming along too, I had to drive there as well. This wasn’t too much of a problem as far as I’m concerned, and Yuki actually ended up riding in my car anyway because I still have a comfortable factory seat on the passenger’s side.

Yes, his car does actually have registration, if you were wondering.




By in 08-02-2010 10:20 pm

Some of you have been asking if I have picked winners for January’s competitions yet. I haven’t picked the exact winners yet, but I’ll announce it on here when I do.

In the meantime, here’s some pics of a bunch of JZX owners who met up at the Tokyo Aqualine Umihotaru parking area recently.



AUTO SALON WEEK IS OVER: Here are some not very nice pictures

By in 22-01-2010 8:37 pm

The 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon week is over. I’ve spent the last week with the Autosalon magazine guys from Australia, as well as the tour group they brought with them. To see a bit of what we got up to, have a look at Charles Kha’s blog and photographer Mark Pakula’s blog.

So why am I posting pics of a mashed-up Cresta instead of some pics I took? A couple of days ago, there was an Ikaten competition at Okegawa Sports Land held by Drift Tengoku video. Okegawa is actually the closest circuit to my house, so of course I sent in an entry to appear in the segment. Unfortunately, there are a hell of a lot of drivers and teams in my local area, and I would have had to work anyway. Never mind.




TIME FOR SOME JZX100 ACTION: Andy Gray’s pics

By in 09-12-2009 4:51 am

I really like taking photos, but I like drifting too. The one thing that’s pretty much impossible to do though, is combine them both and take a decent panning shot of yourself while you’re drifting.

A whole lot of static photos of the Mark II would be kind of boring, so Andy from Powervehicles recently supplied me with some pics that he took on Ebisu’s Nishi Course and at Nikko Circuit.