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TOCHIGI BAKA MATSURI 2010: Just a few pics this time

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Tochigi Idiot Festival! Sounds like the perfect name for an event like this. I was all set to enter this year’s Tochigi Baka Matsuri, but my car is currently not in the best of states. Ever heard a 1JZ idle like a ported rotary? More on that later. As a result, I had to travel up to Nikko by public transport, which didn’t take too long, but didn’t exactly motivate me to get out of bed too early. That means that I didn’t arrive until fairly late, so I only took a few pics at the end of the event.

If you haven’t already seen them, make sure you have a look at the part one and part two articles of last year’s event, since they contain a lot more photos and give a much better idea of the event.

Here’s Watanabe-san from Tommy Factory doing his best bosozoku hakonori (window riding).

TOMMY FACTORYの渡辺さんの箱乗りだ!ヘッドライトのLEDはかっこいいっぜ!




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Located about 100km north of Tokyo, Tochigi Prefecture is generally known for it’s beautiful mountainside, gyoza, temples and ski resorts, but is also one of the major hubs of drifting activity on the Kanto plain.

This year’s Tochigi Baka Matsuri (Tochigi Idiot Festival) run by two of the biggest idiots in the prefecture, D1 drivers Hiroshi Fukuda and “Mr Tochigi” Yoshinori Koguchi, was as it suggested, a festival of much idiotic activity, which generally meant a whole lot of drifting was going on.