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By in 24-02-2009 12:30 am

Last weekend was kind of busy, with a trackay on Sunday and the D1 Street Legal Regional MSF Shootout at Fuji Speedway on Saturday.

The MSF Shootout (sponsored by mobile content creators Mobile Software Foundation) brings together the best drivers from each of the D1SL Regional divisions, North, East, Central, South and West. All of these guys have already scored a D1SL licence for next year, but this was a one-off comp to see which ones were the most sidewaysiest of the lot. The winner also received ¥300,000 and a free trip to America to watch the next D1 USA event.



TEAM: Gekokujou

By in 17-11-2008 12:30 am

The closest translation of “gekokujou” into English is “when a junior dominates his senior”, but in the case of car club Gekokujou, it probably has a meaning closer to “mutiny”.

Gekokujou recently held a track day at Fuji Speedway to celebrate one of their older members “graduating” from drifting and leaving the club. It was very much a casual affair, with the majority of drivers on the day being part of the same circle of friends who just drift because they enjoy doing it together, but that didn’t stop us coming along and joining in the fun.



SUNDAY DRIVER: Mini-polishing at Fuji Speedway

By in 05-11-2008 7:07 pm

On any one day at Fuji Speedway, you can watch cars or bikes on the main circuit, drifting on the Drift Course or time attack on the Short Course, and gymkhana (a similar sport to motorkhana and autocross) on the dedicated tarmac gymkhana course. Since it only costs ¥1000 to get in the front gate (or ¥900 if you have a Japan Automobile Federation membership card), people out on a pleasant drive through the scenic roads that lie in the shadow of Mount Fuji will often stop in for an hour or two and see what’s on.

Old mate here seemed a bit more interested in keeping his Mini Cooper looking shiny though.


CRASH: Naoto Suenaga’s WRX, the day after.

By in 29-10-2008 11:00 pm

You may be wondering if Naoto Suenaga was able to make it back out on the track after his heavy hit of the tyre barrier during Friday’s practice. Team Orange put in a lot of hard work and actually manageed to get the car into an agreeable state, just as long as you were only looking at it from the grandstands and not any closer. The funniest thing however, was what they did about the missing wing mirror. (more…)


CRASH: Team Orange Fuji D1 Practice

By in 24-10-2008 6:56 pm

Today at Fuji Speedway was, as they say here in Japan, “heavy wet”.

Regardless of the scary conditions, a majority of the drivers made their way out to the track to get in some valuable track time. Unfortunately, some drivers had the conditons get the better of them, like Team Orange’s Naoto Suenaga.

He was not injured, and the Orange crew are still at the track pounding away at the bodywork to get the Impreza somewhat respectable and ready for tomorrow’s practice and qualifying.