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LOTS AND LOTS OF 86: Fuji Speedway parade run at 86 Style

By in 27-08-2012 10:18 pm

Here’s another shaky video I shot at the 86 Style event at Fuji Speedway a little while ago.  I think 150 was the official number of cars in the parade run, led by Keiichi Tsuchiya in his personal Trueno.

Combined with the cars seen over in the static display, this was an amazing event for any AE86 or 86 fan to visit. If you’d like to visit it, plan a trip to Japan around the 6th of August next year! I heard from the Managing Director of Fuji Speedway himself that there’s going to be more of these.

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86s. 86s EVERYWHERE: Fuji Speedway 86 Style pit walk video

By in 07-08-2012 8:04 pm

So, did we all have a good 8/6 day?

First, let me apologise for the shakiness, terrible sound, and terrible picture. There is an amazing amount of AE86 and 86 related stuff in here though, so it’s well worth a watch if you’re a fan. I also have some more video that will probably blow your mind from its scale, so look forward to that as well.


If you were gritting your teeth watching this and swearing that I wasn’t showing anything for long enough, I have some good news directly from the Managing Director of Fuji Speedway. They’re planning on running another one of these events next year, and it’s only going to get bigger, so put in for your work leave right now!


CLICK DRAG RACE: Virtual Japanese track tours with Google maps

By in 25-05-2012 6:50 pm

Now here’s a good waste of time! While they’ve already done Street View maps of a few other racing tracks around the world, such as Laguna Seca and Mt Panorama, Google Maps now has Street View of some of the major circuits in Japan. What’s even better is that they haven’t just lapped around the circuit itself (or at all, in the case of Fuji Speedway), but also driven through the pits and interesting surrounding parts of the track.

Link to: Tsukuba Circuit

Link to: Fuji Speedway

Link to: Suzuka Circuit

Link to: Autopolis

Google マップのストリートビューで日本のサーキットをチェックして見て!