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By in 28-06-2010 3:05 pm

When you think of famous all-AE86 teams from the 90s, the first one that usually comes to mind is Rough World. They were so famous that their team stickers were even being commercially replicated and sold in places like Super Autobacs.

However, on the western side of Tokyo, GunTama.R (a combination of Gunma and Saitama) reigned supreme on the touge, and circuits like Nikko and the now defunct Miu Circuit.

The team doesn’t exist any more though, and the incredible stories I actually have been able to pull out of a few people have been followed by a caution to never repeat them to anybody. Let’s just say that they’d put the storyline of Initial D to shame.

I’ve heard firsthand from one person who saw the leader of GunTama.R do a 46 second lap of Nikko Circuit in a completely standard AE86 in the rain. Keep in mind that the current AE86 record is a low 38 in the dry, held by the CBY Trueno.

This photo was taken shortly before this sticker was removed, as this AE86 shell that used to belong to a member of the team that went by the nickname “Gachapin”, has since been rebuilt and repainted by a new owner.