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CARS LIKE THIS STILL EXIST: Stock Cefiro Autech drifter

By in 20-01-2011 12:56 am

Here’s something interesting I saw waiting to head out onto the tracks at Nikko Circuit a little while ago. While most cars you see at the circuit have a fairly reasonable amount of modifications, occasionally you see something that’s almost dead stock, wheels included. Not only is this A31 Cefiro still in the same shape as when it was delievered, it’s the Autech version that came with a high-flow turbo, different engine tune, custom bumpers and olive paint among other things.



By in 15-04-2009 3:54 am

My coverage of last weekend’s Hyper Meeting wasn’t as good as it could have been, because I attended another event on the same day.

Two events in one day is kind of how it is around here. I could potentially do it again this weekend, but the subject of this Sunday’s event is worth a fair bit of attention. More on that next week.

About an hour and a half away (if you drive properly and not stop to look at weird old Supras parked in back lanes, perhaps some Canadians will understand what I mean) at Nikko Circuit on the same day as Hyper Meeting was the annual RB Meeting.

Organised by old-school D1 driver Shunichi Tomikuda (I have some of his “face and helmet” stickers available if anyone wants to buy one), who specialises in custom parts for RB engines, the event was strictly for RB-engined drift cars.