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By in 14-11-2011 9:33 pm

Remember I mentioned an upcoming “Wagon vs FF” event back in this post? Here’s a little video from that day that any Stagea fans should enjoy.

The background music is sung by comedy group “The Drifters”, and is the closing theme from their popular family TV show that ran in the 70s and 80s called “Hachiji Dayo! Zenin Shugo” (It’s 8 o’clock! Let’s Get Together).


IGNORING THE CHEQUERED FLAG: Drifting never stops at the Kansai All Star Drift GP

By in 30-08-2011 5:58 am

Quite a few videos from the 2011 Kansai All Star Drift GP came out in the past week, but this was the one I was waiting for!

If you’re at work right now and feel it’s about time for a little break, get yourself some biscuits and a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a bit over ten minutes of craziness.

If that wasn’t enough, Youtube user baccy0529 has uploaded a few dozen videos from the event, including solo and team runs. Click on the Kansai All Star tag to see the free-run videos from previous years.


WEEKEND EDITION: Kev’s Hakosuka preview!

By in 27-08-2011 1:52 am

Here’s yet another video to look forward to from Hoon Media’s Mark Boxer. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to own and drive a Hakosuka outside of Japan? Here’s a guy who has done it!

While you’re here, do us a favour and visit the Motorex video competition page and click “like” on the video Boxer made for the event. If he wins first place, he’s promised that the prize will be put towards coming back to Japan and making more videos like the ones of the 1JZ Meeting!


UNDERPOSTING, POSTING UNDER: What’s going on, and a video

By in 12-08-2011 1:30 am

Mitsubishi is now my favourite manufacturer, that being the maker of the air conditioner we have at the house. Japan is bloody hot right now!

This weekend is the Ebisu Circuit Summer Drift Matsuri. The trackside cameras should be working, so click this link and see what you can see. I’ll post a few “Noriyaro Mobile” pics on the Facebook page during the event as well.

Since I don’t have any new content yet, here’s a video of Scorch Racing’s “Under” Suzuki doing his best 1:31.4560 run. That would have given him second place in 2010, but still scored him a respectable fifth place this year. 新しい写真はないから、アンダー鈴木さんのワールド・タイム・アッタックの1:31.4560車載カメラビデオを見てください。


DRIFT TENGOKU DVD: Vol. 64 preview

By in 13-06-2011 7:23 am

The preview for the next Doriten DVD came out the other day, and this time the main feature is about shakotan! It features current and former masters of belly-scraping drift, D1 Koguchi, 396 Ishiai and 326 Haruguchi! Not only is it a setup guide, but shows how to survive driving around day to day!

Just in case you’re wondering what shakotan is, it’s the Japanese word for “slammed car”. 車高短 is how it’s properly written, which are the kanji characters for “car, height, low”. However it’s very rare to see it spelled in kanji and is usually just seen as the katakana シャコタン.

Next is a traditional Ikaten competition at Owara Circuit followed by a guide on how to install an LSD in your Carry keitora, and a bit of test drifting by a mysterious masked drifter who looks a lot like Naoki Nakamura. Last is some coverage of the MSC Challenge from Sekia Hills.

Do these videos need to be subtitled in English or what?!