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EASY TOKYO TOURGUIDE: Go and get the new Performance Imports magazine, on sale now!

By in 13-02-2012 7:18 pm

If you’d like to see a few interesting car things in Tokyo, but have never been before and have no idea where to start, I have the answer to your problems (as long as you’re Australian)!

Performance Imports issue #145 features an article I wrote on famous car-related places to see in Tokyo, such as Nissan’s Yokohama HQ showroom, Toyota Megaweb, Super Autobacs and stuff like that, all with easily understandable directions using only trains.

There are guides to other interesting stuff too, like an awesome indoor RC drift track, Tamiya showroom and the best automotive bookshop in Japan, and short guides on the cheapest and easiest ways to use the train system and a little language and accommodation guide.


SUNRISE AT EBISU: Higashi Course, “Drift Bible” Corner

By in 02-02-2012 2:19 am

What’s normally listed as simply “Corner 7”, and made famous in Keiichi Tsuchiya’s “Drift Bible” (called “Super Drift Technique” in Japan) it’s also known as “Restaurant Corner” because you can see it while eating your lunch in the restaurant. It’s also known as “Benjo Corner” or “Toilet Corner”, because if you open the window of the western-style toilet next to the restaurant, you can watch people drifting while you do your business.


PHOTOS OF THE YEAR 2011: The predictions were true

By in 28-01-2012 3:28 am

January’s almost over, but I thought I’d take a quick look at the server stats and see which photos were the top 25 most downloaded in 2011. A 2011 Noriyaro zeitgeist, if you will.



I just realised I haven’t posted any other photos from this Porsche-drifting day! Yep, that’s Hibino. More coming soon…