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UPDATED EVERY WEEKDAY: “Every” means “occasional”

By in 28-05-2009 1:03 am

Yes, I’ve missed quite a few posts recently, so I apologise to all of you who look forward to a daily Noriyaro fix.

Odaiba D1 took up the whole weekend, most of last week was extremely busy, and this week so far has been the same. Writing lots of words, going through lots of photos, and spending eight hours doing a what should be a one-hour job on the Skyline. On the upside, I took it to Nikko Circuit today for a Winds Auto drift event, so I feel a bit better after standing there being teased by watching other people drift all weekend.

Speaking of that, if you’re wondering why there’s been no report on Odaiba D1, that’s because it was sold to a magazine just like the Ebisu D1. Yep, I’m a sell-out, but I still have plenty of interesting photos to put up that go beyond the usual “drift car sideways with a crowd in the background”, so look forward to that.

One cool little thing that happened at D1 was that Ryuusuke Kawasaki, the editor of Drift Tengoku magazine (AKA “The Bible”), said he found my website and really liked the photography. Nice.

Also, it was cool to meet Zhandos, a reader of Noriyaro who came all the way from Kazakhstan to watch D1.

Tomorrow is a “sitting on the computer and doing proper work” day, so look forward to some new content soon.

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BEST MOTORING: Behind the scenes

By in 12-05-2009 12:12 am

I’ve been doing a bit of part-time work recently helping out on Best Motoring video shoots. Pretty cool eh?

This is part of the video collection at the best Motoring Office. Two or more copies of every issue since number one, with a lot of them still in the original plastic wrapping.



GOODYEAR D1 TV: Alexi on Japanese television

By in 09-04-2009 12:10 am

My housemate Yoshio was just flicking around some cable TV channels, and found a show about the recent Ebisu D1 round on J-Sports channel. D1 is on television now!

It was centered around the Goodyear sponsored drivers, like Masayoshi “Bajin” Tokita, Kuniaki “Kunny” Takahashi, Tsuyoshi “Tsuyopon” Tezuka and Tomohiro Murayama.

Yep, that’s Kunny, but who’s that over on the far right staring intently at his camera screen?


DOWN TO THE WIRE: Direzza direction

By in 26-03-2009 12:30 am

This is how little work I’m doing to the Skyline. Other car blog guys are posting all sorts of awesome engine rebuilds and custom bodywork pictures.

(EDIT: I was trying to find this blog when I was writing this post, but then Anthony posted a comment here, so I found it without trying! Check out for a summary of the internet’s most interesting current builds)

I bought some Skyline wheels!



LIKE BACK IN 2001: Drifting Bihoku with BURST.

By in 17-03-2009 12:30 am

All the recent posts about my Skyline have been about fail. Now, it’s time for some win.

When I was down at Bihoku Circuit with Team Mustang recently, there were a few times when there was nothing to shoot.

Rather than just sit around, I took the Skyline out for a few laps instead.

Thanks to Andy for lending me the suction mount!