DAJIBAN STYLE: Dodge vans in Japan

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This post was written by Alexi


  • Steven says:

    Cool to see something different. The other good thing is that if you lay everything out right, you can also sleep in them.

    Also, big thanks to Shino for letting me charge stuff in her pit at Matsuri.

  • Jack says:

    Hey Alexi, loving the content. I was just watching an old japanese car culture video on YouTube and they visited signal auto, at about 30:30 / 31 minutes in there’s a very familiar purple car transporter truck. It’s not Shino’s is it? The colour looks spot on.

  • DarkShadowFox says:

    keep up the good work alexi! Havent posted in a while years infact and I apologise, but I always have liked your work. Haven’t checked to see if you still do rising son in bonzai mag, but if you do I’ll be sure to pick it up.

    Hope your doing okay, recently got back into car culture andsuch. Rediscovered your site. Be back soon!

  • Cap'n Howdy says:

    Loving the van feature. Big fan of all walks of motoring. This is brilliantly unique.

  • anjir! Watanabe original?!

  • Danyo says:

    I just bought a 97 b1500 full cargo no windows. Flawless condition unbelievably perfect body & paint interior light arctic grey. Steering wheel is lame & the brakes are weak but its gunna rock soon enough.